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Boehner: Don't Forget the House

The Republican Party is looking for money and support this fall. That’s true not only for the presidential race, but also the congressional ones. Most believe that the GOP will maintain control of the House, but in an interview today on Fox News Speaker John Boehner says there is a one-in-three chance that his party will lose. That may seem overly pessimistic, but it’s just a reminder to voters and supporters that they’re needed this fall. As we all know, losing the presidency is one thing, but it’s pretty damn important to win the legislative branch of the government. Should Mitt Romney lose this fall (and that’s a distinct possibility), and the GOP become lax regarding the House, they will be completely shut out of government.

Democrats smell blood in the water and today announced 14 more races to be included in their “Red to Blue” campaign. The party needs to win 25 seats this fall in order to capture the House and funds and resources will be funneled to those races as well as the 21 others that are part of “Red to Blue”. The Cook Political Report has more Republican seats up for grabs than Democratic. November looks like a real cliffhanger.

Published by Stefan Hedmark 2012-04-24 14:29

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