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The MovieHamlet | RKO 281

RKO 281

What went on the screen was nothing compared to what went on behind the scenes.

This is the story of how a promising actor called Orson Welles got the chance to direct a movie, but his choice to make Citizen Kane damn near killed his career. Why? Because he decided to portray the powerful newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst in a not too flattering light. James Cromwell does the sad, vindictive and anti-Semitic man well, Melanie Griffith is not bad as his starlet mistress, but unfortunately Liev Schreiber does not dominate the screen as Welles, a larger-than-life icon to any film buff. It is certainly an interesting TV movie, but far from fascinating.

1999-Britain-U.S. Made for TV. 105 min. Color. Directed by Benjamin Ross. Cast: Liev Schreiber (Orson Welles), James Cromwell (William Randolph Hearst), Melanie Griffith (Marion Davies), John Malkovich, David Suchet, Liam Cunningham… Brenda Blethyn, Roy Scheider.

Trivia: Ridley and Tony Scott executive-produced the movie.

Golden Globe: Best TV Movie.


Published by Stefan Hedmark 2003-11-03 07:47

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